Digital Paperless Document Management

Our document scanning and storage solution automatically indexes all text, creating fully searchable PDFs. Instant retrieval by any word(s) within the document. 


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Net.DFM (Digital File Manager)

Four ways to input documents:

  • Virtual printer
  • Any networked scanner 
  • Incoming faxes
  • Email

In each case The Digital File Manager takes the input and automatically converts it into fully searchable PDF files.  You can retrieve any document by any word or words within it. There is no up-front tagging burden as there is for other systems. With our system, all text is automatically searchable.

  • No templates are required.  All the text within a document is searchable so no work is needed to define fields for searching. With the Digital File Manager no templates are needed as all text is automatically searchable.
  • Ease of Use—Most employees can be trained in minutes!  A typical user training is less than an hour.
  • Net.DFM works with all software on your network
  • It is your option to install on your own network or our Cloud.
  • We guarantee our software!  You may return it in the first 90 days for any reason for a full refund on the software.   We have never had to return money on the guarantee.

You get immediate access to your documents and we fully integrate with any business system or software that runs on Windows, Unix, Linux, or AS400.


Workflow with Approval Processes

Define processes, including approvals, with automatic routing and notifications.  Documents are never lost and provide management visibility into the process.



Documents can be automatically routed to specific folders based on text criteria or bar codes.


Bar Codes

Net.DFM support bar codes for automatically routing to specific folders or search retrieval.



Upon receipt of a new document, or as part of a defined workflow, automated alerts are sent via email to specific users, or groups of users, with links to the document(s).


User-defined and Comment fields

Some business processes require multiple people to work on a document.  The user can add any text to user-defined fields or comment fields.  Each document is automatically date and time stamped.  These added fields are fully searchable and can provide additional ways to access your documents.


Security and flexibility

Net.DFM uses the same security as your network.  You can establish who can access which documents or types of documents.


Search Integrator

Search Integrator, an optional module, can be used with Net.DFM. It lets you search documents or shared files simply by hovering or clicking on text within any software on your network.  Incredibly easy to use, it connects your business software or other network software to the Digital File Manager.  The Search Selector immediately submits it to the powerful search engine, displaying your search results.


Importing Existing Digital Documents

Enlighten.Net offers customers utilities to convert existing documents into fully searchable PDF files.  Whether you are just starting to scan documents, or have an existing document management system, we can easily import your documents into our software system.