Go Paperless with ENet Docs

Resourceful companies constantly look for ways to reduce operational costs. Businesses waste time, money, and resources storing and moving paperwork. Paper documents are hard to share, costly to file, take up a lot of storage space, and are difficult to retrieve. Switching to web based ENet Docs improves efficiency in daily operations, increases profit margins, and allows secure remote access to your critical documents.

Lost that invoice?  Need a schematic from 3 years ago? Customer request a copy of a POD?
With ENet Docs you can quickly find the documents you need no matter where you are located. Implement more efficient processes, improve control of business documents, automate workflows and eliminate the reliance on paper records with ENet Docs.

How ENet Docs works

All documents, no matter how they are received are automatically indexed, converted to a fully searchable PDF and routed to their correct destination. With ENet Docs, there is no labor to name, move, or link documents of any type. Because our software automatically indexes all text, it gives users the ability to bring back any document instantly by any text that is in a document.

Documents can be automatically routed through auto-identifier rules and bar codes can be identified, text read, and used to auto-populate comment fields. All user comments on documents are indexed, so you can search by new information as well as the old.

No more digging through file cabinets — just type in your search term to find what you need!

Streamline Processes

Workflow with automatic routing, signatures and management oversight streamline processes and can be implemented in any area of the company, whether it is an AP process, an expense approval process, or a purchasing process. If you need to watch or collaborate on a specific document, you can set up customized email notifications.

Collaborate on important files, manage user permissions and instantly find what you need. ENet Docs has secure storage and sharing capabilities. The ability to restrict and grant access to certain files protects valuable information, while allowing the right professionals access to the right documents from anywhere on any device.

Automate your document retention With ENet Docs, documents can be automatically purged based on a pre-defined schedule. The use of automated retention schedules can help avoid unnecessary exposure while mitigating risk of compliance during an audit process.

Connect your ERP With no additional programming required, you can connect different software systems on your network. The Search Integrator connects your business software or other network software to ENet Docs and provides immediate access to related documents to support your business processes. ENet Docs integrates with all business systems and software adding value to your existing software investments.

ROI ENet Docs is cost effective for all size companies, with a very fast ROI and Money Back Guarantee.

Business Continuity No need to worry about losing documents in a fire or flood — it’s securely backed up on the cloud, and easily accessible to the right users.

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