Simple and Powerful Document Management

  • Get Rid of Your Messy Piles of Papers
  • Find Your Documents Fast & Easily
  • No More Searching Through File Cabinets
  • Make Your Office Work Easier!

Businesses waste time, money, and resources storing and moving paperwork. With Enlighten.Net’s paperless document management system, Net.DFM, companies can easily streamline their document management process.

If you are ready to save your company time, money and resources then you are ready to go paperless. Digital documents are simpler, easier to store, search, and send, and more secure than paper.

Benefits of Document Management

    • Improved efficiency with lower operating costs by automating your processes
    • Secure and centralized document repository
    • Access documents from anywhere, any time 24/7/365
    • Digital File Manager fully integrates with any software running on Windows, Unix, Linux, and AS/400
    • Easy implementation means you’re up and running within hours with minimal IT resources
    • Quick ROI and your satisfaction is guaranteed – or you get your money back.
  • Customized e-mail notifications on document changes.

Why are fully searchable electronic documents important?

Most systems require the user to define what will be searchable. If you think about the number of customers and suppliers you have, and the fact a separate template must be set up for each one, it exponentially increases the time and money needed for set up.  Because we automatically make all the text searchable, you can be up and running within a few hours, not months.

“We wanted to eliminate our paper filing and have more efficient retrieval of documents. We wanted to put information at people’s fingertips and the Digital File Manager (Net.DFM) has been a great a mechanism to do this. The cost of the product, the simple intuitive layout and the ease of adding and retrieving documents were the big reasons why we chose Net.DFM. It has helped improve internal communications tremendously and been a big efficiency boost to the organization.”

David DeJonge,CFO, Behler-Young

Net.DFM Provides a Secure, Centralized Repository For All Employees, From Any Location, 24/7/365

The Digital File Manager runs in browser, allowing easy and secure access to your documents from any location.  Your employees can greatly benefit from having the freedom to work from anywhere or coordinate information across multiple locations.

Security allows you to determine which employees can access which documents.

 “Enlighten.Net has enabled instant access to all documents across four regional locations. The software has easily paid for itself by eliminating the document chase down and improving our customer service.”

Drake Taylor, Director of Operation, Austin Distributing

Document Management Will Lower Your Operating Costs

Efficiency improves as documents are automatically routed to their correct location and appropriate employee.  Automated workflow ensures document are never lost and it’s easy to see where a document is in the process and how long it’s there.  It’s a wonderful tool for management to have visibility into processes and track bottlenecks.

Since employees are typically the highest cost for a company, doesn’t it make sense to give them the tools to do a better job?

Net.DFM Integrates for Improved Efficiency, Doubling Your Value

The Digital File Manager integrates with all the software on your network, adding value to your existing software investments.  Now your employees can easily access your documents directly from other software.  The powerful Search Integrator retrieves documents from other software saving your employees time and hassle.

Quick ROI and Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Our customers see a very fast ROI, typically 4-6 months.  Request a ROI spreadsheet to fill in your own numbers to prove it to yourself.  We guarantee your satisfaction with a full money-back guarantee.

“The Enlighten.Net system is one of the best investments we have made in helping us to manage our information and cut our daily costs.”

Mark M. Milovic, President, Lift Atlanta, Inc.

How Our Digital File Manager Works

The Digital Manager automatically organizes files. Other paperless filing systems limit your searching options and require you to manually tag files. Our software automatically identifies barcodes, indexes all text, and organizes accordingly. If you need to watch or collaborate on a specific document, you can set up customized email notifications. All comments on documents are indexed, so you can search by new information as well as the old.

No more digging through file cabinets — just type in your search term to find what you need!

Whether you are just starting to scan paper documents or have an existing file management system, we can easily import your documents into our software system. Once files are imported, you can collaborate on important files, manage user permissions, and instantly find what you need.

Our software automatically indexes all text on paper documents, creating fully searchable digital PDFs – you can instantly retrieve them by searching for any word within the document.

Our paperless solution has secure storage and sharing capabilities. You can identify which users have access to certain documents. The ability to restrict and grant access to certain files protects valuable information, while allowing the right professionals access to the right documents. No need to worry about losing documents in in a fire or flood — it’s securely backed up on the cloud, and easily accessible to the right users.

Paper is easily lost, stolen, or misplaced. Whether you store your files on our cloud or on your company servers, you do not have to worry about losing or misplacing documents. If you need to reference documents for customer service, financial audits, or other important situations, they are securely stored and instantly accessible.

How to Use Our Net.DFM Software

Going paperless is easy with our intuitive digital solutions. Our powerful, simple software requires less than an hour of training.

We offer four easy ways to input documents:

    • Virtual printer
    • Any networked scanner
    • Incoming faxes
  • E-mail

We are confident you’ll love our digital file manager solution. If you are not satisfied, you can return it in the first 90 days for any reason for a full refund on the software. We have never had to return money on the guarantee.

If you want to store, share, and manage your documents better, contact us today for a free demo.