Industrial distributors are a key part of the national supply chain and we work with many companies in this arena. Whether your company is a single location family-owned business or a very large multi-million dollar distributor with multiple warehouses and branches across the united states, we can help you improve efficiency across all locations and provide secure instant access to documents from. Because Industrial distribution is a very large portion of our customer base, we are very well versed in the mountain of documents and paperwork your employees deal with on a daily basis.

RFQs, Order Acknowledgments, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Shipping Papers, Receivers, BOLs, Vendor Catalogs, HR Documents, Vendor and Customer Correspondence, Credit applications, Shipping documents and more. Let us help you organize and manage more efficiently.


Electricity powers our lives and electrical distributors and manufacturers supply wiring, lighting fixtures, power distribution equipment, and other advanced technology and related equipment to that end. Many companies have added services such as engineering, or electric technicians, and have also embedded themselves into their customer’s process whether a homeowner or a builder. We help companies in this key industry manage all of the documents electrical distributors and manufacturers deal with. Whether job related such as schematics or blueprints, a customer picking up supplies at a branch counter, or delivery docs to a job, our software automatically routes documents to their correct location and can be instantly shared or retrieved by users with permission to view. Scalable from one location to many, our software provides companies in the electrical distribution and manufacturing industry key tools to help employees that deal with paperwork, better do their jobs. 


As margin erosion for HVAC/PVF  distributorships has escalated, resourceful companies look for ways to reduce operational costs. Our software helps HVAC/ PVF distributors implement more efficient processes, improve control of business documents, automate workflows and eliminate the reliance on paper records. Whether your company distributes commercial or residential systems, accessories and replacement parts, provides system designs and training materials for store personnel or partner contractors, our software can help you with the organization of any and all related business, training, shipping and receiving documents.


In the chemical industry, compliance with government regulations is a top priority. Chemical manufacturers, importers, and distributors of hazardous chemicals are all required to provide the appropriate labels and material safety data sheets to the employers to whom they ship the chemicals. The information must be provided automatically. Every container of hazardous chemicals received must be labeled, tagged, or marked with the required information. Your suppliers also must send you a properly completed MSDS at the time of the first shipment of chemicals, and with the next shipment after the MSDS is updated with new and significant information about the hazards. In addition to the customary shipping and receiving documents that other distributors and manufacturers deal with, the added burden of maintaining compliance and accessibility of health and safety related documents can be securely routed and store in our software with immediate access and/or distribution to the appropriate party at the appropriate time. Contact us to see how we can help your business better manage your critical documents while improving efficiency and communication both internally and with your customers.

Building Materials

While Building Material demands fluctuate constantly, the need for efficient document management doesn’t. With margin erosion a constant threat, it is crucial that building material distributors streamline processes and improve efficiency to ultimately improve profit. We work with many building materials distributors across the country and have helped them become more efficient with better management of their documents through the Digital File Manager.

Allow secure instant access to documents to any authorized employees in any location. Eliminate the paper chase and time wasted with lost or misplaced documents. Full-text indexing allows employees to bring back any document instantly from any text within a document. Implement workflow in any area of your company that requires multiple people to work on a document or a process.  Let us help you streamline your business operation with the Digital File Manager.

Wholesale Medical Suppliers

Medical Supplies span a wide selection of products ranging from surgical, medical, and hospital instruments and equipment to orthopedic and prosthetic supplies to disposable medical products. Some sectors like special medical equipment and pharmaceuticals have tight FDA and government regulations regarding manufacturing and distribution. Healthcare represents a significant growth market for companies across the industry as the population ages and people live longer. However, competition and the addition of a very large new player, dictate that distributors in this industry become leaner and more efficient in order to compete and thrive. Our software can help you implement more efficient processes, improve control of business documents, automate workflows and eliminate the reliance on paper records.

Pet Products

The Pet Products industry is ever-growing with new dietary trends every year and improved pet tech for health and safety. It’s vital for this industry to keep up with the newest generation’s demands for their household companions. Whether your company distributes pet food or pet supplies, we can help you better manage your documents and implement efficient processes. Automating your document management will allow you to focus on your business growth, eliminate employee error and the reliance on paper and paper- based processes. As you grow, with better document management and more efficient processes in place, margin goals are easier to achieve. Contact us to see how we can help your company.


No matter what your wheel-house is, we can help you organize your business. Eliminate the worry about misfiled documents, damaged or lost records, improve security and compliance, improve audit times, invoice processing times, customer service, internal communication as well as your carbon footprint.