Jarco Supply is a commercial construction distributor based in Youngsville, NC. With additional locations in Greensboro, and Fuquay-Varina, as well as a Re-bar Fabrication Division in Creedmor, NC., Jarco Supply deals with a lot of paper.


They were becoming overwhelmed by the amount of paper that must be processed and then stored in case of audit. They had to move it, file it, store it, move it again, shred it. If someone in a branch had a question about an invoice from 6 months ago, someone else would have to run off site to another location and dig through documents stored in filing cabinets and boxes.

Daily FEDEX charges between branches and the home office, and paper costs, printer cartridges, file folders and filing charges were starting to add up for Jarco Supply. Management agreed the time had come to move to an electronic document management system.

Jarco initially looked at another document management system, but was underwhelmed. After seeing a demo of ENet Docs that was “clear concise and easy to follow” Jarco management team agreed “hands down” to go ahead with ENet Docs.


Bonnie Parr, CFO of Jarco Supply said “We can all agree that technology is great, but sometimes it is so hard to use. ENet Docs is not hard to use. We were all comfortable with it in about a week. We have never experienced any downtime or problems with the software. This is one great product! We’ve eliminated FedEx between branches saving roughly $3000 immediately in shipping charges alone, reduced printer cartridges by 60%-70% and obviously paper costs, file costs and storage costs. but the biggest savings is in TIME.”


“If someone has a question about an invoice from 6 months ago, it’s answered immediately. Vendor invoices come into ENet Docs by email pdfs. Each branch must complete the receiving paperwork and scans into ENet Docs. I search for the PO in ENet Docs and the receiving document and corresponding vendor invoice are retrieved instantly, confirming my 3- way match. ENet Docs has allowed me to improve invoice process time. I can now process 20-25 invoices in a man hour.”

“Employees are not always willing to embrace new ways of doing things. But our employee acceptance has been 100%–in fact, without exception, every employee loves this system.    

“With the current COVID-19 crisis and shelter in place orders, ENet Docs has been our saving grace.”