Electronically process and track any sales order with maximum speed, accuracy, and transparency. As a result, the business benefits from greater operational efficiency, increased savings and scalability, higher profits, and an improved customer experience. Order confirmation can be generated and submitted back to the customer.

Customer submits the order through multiple channels, AI routes the orders and captures the data. Orders are dispatched and made visible in queues. Once order is validated and posted into the ERP system, order is archived in ENet Docs, meta data is stored for analytics

Traditional order management requires a lot of staff and resources to effectively manage incoming orders. By digitally transforming the order management process via AI-driven automation, businesses can:  

Manage growing order volumes without adding staff

 Repurpose CSRs to more value-added tasks

 Enable mobile capabilities & support remote work environments

 Engage customers through an online, self-service portal

 For those looking to empower their CSRs and provide stellar customer service, automate your order management.