Signature Capture: Counter Sale

With ENet Docs Counter Sale Signature Capture module, paper in the branches can be reduced and home office employees can have instant access to branch documents.

Capture the Signature and the Sale.

With Counter Sale Signature Capture, customers sign for their purchase directly on a device with an internet connection and the document is automatically stored along with the signature in the proper ENet Docs folder for easy retrieval. Branches no longer have to scan in paper documents from sales transactions with customer signatures and wait for them to be processed and approved. Easier processes for buyers mean greater customer satisfaction and better efficiency for the distributor.

Just a few simple steps:

Complete a transaction in your ERP system

Using ENet Docs Virtual Printer, “print” the document directly to counter sale station

Document appears on the counter sale station and corresponding signature pad

Request Signature populates over document image

Signature is Captured, Stored, and Routed with the document into ENet Docs 

Signature Capture – Customer View