Signature Capture: Delivery Truck

With ENet Docs Delivery Truck Signature Capture module, drivers will never lose another POD document and your company will always be able to show a customer who in their organization signed for the delivery and at what exact time the delivery was signed for.

When Deliveries Go This Smoothly, You’re Going to Need a Bigger Truck.

Paper copies get lost, can be untrustworthy, and take a long time to process. With ENet Docs’ new truck delivery signature capture, you can automatically store delivery and receiving papers with signatures of approval in the software itself. Now, because your documents are fully-searchable and easy to find, you can access files instantly and verify signed transactions. The driver carries any device with internet access and quick, reliable signature capture is possible! Add this module to your ENet Docs purchase and see how easy a paperless life can be.

Just a few simple steps:

Virtually print documents to corresponding delivery truck

On delivery, driver pulls up the documents on a device 

Request Signature populates over the document image

Customer signs for delivery 

Signature is Captured, Stored, and Routed with the document into ENet Docs