Save Time and Money

Parts distribution company Binkelman Corp deals with more than 6 different industries all with individual needs. In order to keep up with the documents, Binkelman went paperless with Enlighten.Net’s Net.DFM Cloud storage. Now, their business is organized and secure saving them time and money.

Mike Juliano, Purchasing Inventory Control Manager, Binkelman Corp

“Once you start using Net.DFM, you’ll never want to go back.”
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Information at your Fingertips

Michigan-based HVAC equipment distributor Behler-Young Company needed a tool for file organization and quick document retrieval that made data accessible to all 18 of it’s branches. Net.DFM was able to offer Behler-Young all of this and more with it’s large storage capabilities, intuitive interface, and time-saving document retention.

Brian Toronyi, Information Technology Manager

“You help us help our customers.”
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Secure Document Storage

Best Plumbing Specialties Inc., located in Myersville, MD, is a repair parts distribution company that supplies companies nationwide with the parts they need. When document storage and security became a concern, Best Plumbing found Net.DFM. Storage space and maintenance is no longer an issue for them and their files are more secure than ever.

Pete Chadwick, IT Manager, Best Plumbing Specialties Inc.

Why are you using file cabinets again??”

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