At Enlighten.Net, we hope to be a trusted and integral part of your success with our straightforward and secure document management solution. Our team strives to give the best service and support to our customers so that you can focus on yours.

Customer And Quality First

The Digital File Manager helps customers rapidly capture, organize, manage, and share information to improve internal communication and operational efficiency. For over 15 years, Enlighten.Net has been a trusted partner to distributors and manufacturers across the US and Canada. Used daily by thousands of users, storing and searching millions of documents, our solutions lead customers to give us extremely high marks for satisfaction. We guarantee it.

Mike Juliano, Purchasing Inventory Control Manager, Binkelman Corp

“You’ll never want to go back. “
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Pete Chadwick, IT Manager, Best Plumbing Specialties Inc.

“Why are you using file cabinets again??”
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Brain Toronyi, Information Technology Manager, Behler-Young Company

“You help us help our customers.”
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Bonnie Parr, CFO, Jarco Supply

ENet Docs has been our saving grace
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“We wanted to eliminate our paper filing and have more efficient retrieval of documents. We wanted to put information at people’s fingertips and the Digital File Manager (Net.DFM) has been a great a mechanism to do this. The cost of the product, the simple intuitive layout and the ease of adding and retrieving documents were the big reasons why we chose Net.DFM. It has helped improve internal communications tremendously and been a big efficiency boost to the organization.”

David DeJonge

“Our implementation and training was seamless. Our support person was a big help in working through all the questions and minor issues that we came across. We were live in less than 2 weeks.”

Brian Toronyi
IT Manager

“Our experience with the Enlighten.Net software has been very positive. Users are amazed at how easy it is to scan to folders and retrieve documents in seconds. This will dramatically improve our ability to serve our customers internally and externally.”

Rick Fischer
Manager of Information
Standard Electric Supply Co.

“Enlighten.Net support is easily the best support I’ve worked with in a while. Being a support person myself, I regularly have to contact other support companies on behalf of my users and usually it’s painful! Whenever an issue crops up I need E.Net’s help with, I don’t worry about it because they are easy to get in touch with and consistently go above and beyond what I expect from a support group! Thanks guys!”

Greg Widener
Server/PC Administrator
Cross Company

“Our implementation was quick and easy. Even our most change resistant employees found it very easy to use. Within about a week, the general consensus was “how did we ever do this before?”

Mike Juliano
Accounting Manager
Binkelman Corporation

“Since implementing Net.DFM, we have been able to reduce time spent on document handling and improve our invoice processing. We are able to process invoices now much faster, while reducing and redirecting staff to different areas of the company. This gives us the ability to take advantage of available discounts when we are in a good cash flow position.”

Mike Juliano
Accounting Manager
Binkelman Corporation

“Enlighten has helped us tremendously in streamlining our report generating process. All reports that used to print to paper are now printing to a paperless system. When you combine this with the fact that it makes it much easier to retrieve these reports and documents, the savings in man hours, not to mention paper, has made the software pay for itself.”

Scott Staszak
IT Services
R.G. Brewton

“Adams Air & Hydraulics has been an Enlighten.Net user for several years. We have found the software and application to be very robust and user friendly, with easily managed installation and maintenance. Problems and issues have been few and far between, and technical support is immediate with accurate, viable solutions. We could not ask for a better product or intranet solution.”

Robin C. Adams
Director of Operations
Adams Air & Hydraulics, Inc.

“Enlighten.Net has enabled instant access to all documents across four regional locations. The software has easily paid for itself by eliminating the document chase down and improving our customer service.”

Drake Taylor
Director of Operations
Austin Distributing

“The Enlighten.Net system is one of the best investments we have made in helping us to manage our information and cut our daily costs.”

Mark M. Milovic
MHEDA Board Member
President, Lift Atlanta, Inc.

“We have found [Enlighten.Net] to be an invaluable tool for keeping our employees informed of current events. We have improved our employees’ efficiency and accuracy by creating a one-stop shop for company documentation, forms and procedures. Designing the site is not complicated and the technical support offered is outstanding.”

Jackie Maynard
Fallsway Equipment Company

“Enlighten.Net is well worth the investment.”

Jackie Maynard
Fallsway Equipment Company

“The company calls E.Net “Our Central Brain” for all information from vendors, customers, employees, management etc. We post new information, vendor price lists, links to our vendors…so you don’t have to remember everything: It`s right there.”

Mary Martin
Operations Manager
Air Hydro Power Inc.

“Enlighten has saved us uncountable labor hours sorting and distributing reports, not to mention the paper it has saved us. The system has paid for itself in 4 months and helped us with the green environment.”

David A. Delande
Delande Electrical Supply Co, Inc.

“We appreciate all of the assistance from the people at Enlighten Net! We are excited to have our intranet system and the technical assistance is 1st class!”

Wayne Arnold
VP Sales
Heatwave Supply Company

“Enlighten.Net’s Net.Reports has helped reduce the amount of paper used in [our] purchasing and accounting departments. The documents are easier to view. In addition, you can copy and paste reports to other applications. If you use it, the benefits will show.”

Rodney Samuels
Manager, Information Systems
Carolina Fluid Components