ENet Docs and AP Automation for Tribute Users

November 19, 2pm Eastern

Join Ellen Richard and Jerome Lavalley to learn how ENet Docs’ new AP Automation Server combines with invoice validation software to deliver a financial and tactical advantage. See how you can improve your payment processes, reduce expenses, eliminate human error and maximize efficiency with this new AP Automation function in ENet Docs. Our powerful workflow manages the invoice validation, approval process, integration into Tribute and maintains a full searchable repository after the processing has been completed.  ENet Docs provides powerful tools to manage all the documents that drive your business operations.

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    What we will cover…

    AP Automation for Invoice Processing


    • Flexible recognition and validation rules to support how you run your business
    • Extracted data in a variety of formats, including Tribute, EDI, CSV, or XML
    • Reduces data entry time and cost
    • Accelerates processing
    • Improves accuracy

    Manage and Protect All Documents Central to your Business Processes


    • Improved Efficiency
    • Better Internal Communication
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Business Continuity During Any Crisis

    Improve control of business documents, automate workflows and eliminate the reliance on paper records with Enlighten.Net’s ENet Docs.