A paperless solution has moved from a nice to have goal to a critical business imperative.

It is a strategic decision to improve office efficiency, internal communication, and customer service.

In business, time truly is money. Lost man-hours spent searching through paperwork can compromise time spent on more productive activities. By reliably managing and protecting the documents that support organizational processes, the Digital File Manager (Net.DFM) can help increase efficiency, support profit-building activities and provide a balance between security and accessibility.

In a recent survey conducted by AIIM, a global non- profit organization providing independent research and education programs, outcomes from a cross-section of industries show that:

  • 34% of respondents admit that their offices are piled high with paper, with most of their “important stuff ”  referenced and filed as paper. Only 16% run a clear-desk, mostly paper-free office.
  • 45% are reliant on paper for signed documents and 26% admit that their Multi- Function Printers are mostly used for printing and copying rather than scanning.
  • 60% of individuals resort to paper copies to take to a meeting, and 52% will print items to read offline or out of the office.
  • 55% do make use of shared folders for meeting support documents, and 35% use open documents to collect input during meetings, but only 22% use automated circulation of agendas and minutes. 
  • 29% have office workflow, but for many (12%) it’s not simple to set up. 25% have workflow or BPM for core processes, but only 4% find it simple enough for office use. 
  • Simple office workflow is the key feature requested by 76% of those surveyed, along with defined personal and shared content management.
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The Digital File Manager (Net.DFM) can help a company with the challenges of razor-thin margins, improved security and compliance requirements, and the constant demands of communication and customer service.

Efficiency improves as documents are automatically routed to their correct location and employees locate and retrieve them faster and more easily. This is especially significant because personnel costs are usually the most expensive component of any company’s operation.

Net.DFM’s rule-based workflow, with automatic routing and signatures, can help eliminate employee error and ensure documents move efficiently along the business process path. You define where your documents can move to, what the acceptable next steps are, and who has to take them.

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