On the Road

On the Road If you’re going to TribNet, Tribute’s user meeting for Tribute and TrulinX software, stop by and say hi to Ellen Richard. The meeting is in Cleveland June 20-22. Ellen will be presenting “Automate Document Management; Focus on Your Bottom Line” during a breakout session. Hope to see you there.

Using Email and Your Phone’s Camera

The Digital File Manager (Net.DFM) offers multiple ways to put documents into your system: print from a virtual printer, any network or standalone scanner, incoming faxes, and via email.  Many customers use the email function to add incoming payable invoices, customers’ orders and correspondence, and info on manufacturing orders and jobs. To […]

Workflow Do’s and Don’ts

Earlier this month at the TUG meeting for Infor users, Ellen Richard from our office gave a presentation on “Workflow Do’s and Don’ts” that was very popular. We thought it would be a good list to share. The Digital File Manager’s workflow process can ensure the right documents are going […]

6 Reasons to Move Net.DFM to the Cloud

With 7 years of experience and over 25 Million pages of documents, here’s some of the top reasons you should move your Net.DFM installation to the Cloud.   Disaster Readiness These days disasters come in many flavors:  floods, fires, and ransomware to name a few.  Preparing your business to survive […]

Reasons to Consider Document Management in 2018

5 Good Reasons to Consider Document Management in 2018 Technology is increasingly helping us transform the way we do business for decades now. There was a time, not too long ago, when communication with clients or vendors relied on time consuming phone conversations. Even internal communication was a challenge and […]

Enlighten.Net, Inc. Welcomes New Developer

We are excited to welcome new talent to our development team!  Kyle Stratoudakis has joined us as a Software Developer and will be working closely with Ray Hrdy, our head of development. A graduate of Southern Connecticut State University, Kyle brings with him hands-on experience developing an enterprise application using the […]

How Going Paperless Can Save Your Business Money

Lately, more and more business owners are taking the steps toward going fully paperless. Any successful business owner knows how important it is to find ways to save money, and so many owners, CEOs, and Presidents are realizing that one major way to eliminate extra costs is by eliminating the […]

3 Reasons to Use an Electronic File Storage System

When a business is equipped with the right tools, it can be managed efficiently and allow for maximum productivity. An electronic file storage system is one tool that is a must-have for businesses. Document management software allows businesses to combine paper and digital files, whether it’s business cards or client […]

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