Born in Distribution; Raised in Software

Founded in 2004 by the leadership of DISC – a successful ERP platform targeting the fluid power industry – when it was acquired by Prophet21, Enlighten.Net has remained focused on the industrial distribution marketplace.  

We offer easy-to-use yet powerful document management tools designed with an understanding of the unique challenges faced by distributors and manufacturers across North America.  Whether you need to scan documents from your warehouse, or process thousands of invoices and sales orders per week, Enlighten.Net has a solution to meet your needs.

We pride ourselves on the concept that we are not just selling products but providing solutions.  It is our mission, therefore, to deliver superior software and back it with our concierge-level service experience for our customers.

Our Leadership Team

With years of experience developing and delivering software solutions for the Industrial Distribution marketplace, our team is well positioned to help your company embrace and thrive during your digital transformation.

Jerome Lavalley


Ray Hrdy


Ellen Richard

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Client Testimonials

“We’re very happy with our Enlighten.Net product. It has saved employees lots of time and effort due to how easy it is to use.”
Theresa Simpson
“I can’t remember a software package which has had such a dramatic impact on our business the first day we start using it. And the ease of use and set up make that impact so easy to expand out to other areas of our business.”
Marilyn Goodrich, CFO
Bamal Fasteners
"ENet Docs is a great investment. We are extremely pleased with the software."
Jay Cohen
Ronco Industrial Supply

Case Studies

HCI Company Logo

Order Acknowledgement Overload

Information at Your Fingertips

As orders increased, so did order acknowledgements.  Hydraulic Controls needed help to keep up with growing mountain of paperwork.

Faced with managing a large an ever growing repository of documents, Behler-Young turned to ENet Docs to take control and unlock previously hidden information.