Digital File Manager

Our Digital File Manager software is perfect for manufacturers and distributors who want a simple yet powerful system – saving time and money, while preserving your critical documents. There is no up-front tagging burden as there is with other systems. With Enlighten.Net, all text is immediately searchable.

Our digital document scanning and storage solution automatically indexes all text, creating fully searchable PDFs. These documents can be retrieved instantly by any words within the document, using our search integrator technology. Our automated file management means less work for you to accomplish the same tasks, and it stays fully functional even if you change software systems.

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Cloud Solutions

Typically cloud document solutions save companies 20% over on-premise solutions. IT departments are stretched thin. By reducing time spent on constant server updates and computing issues, IT personnel can become increasingly strategic resources.

All Enlighten.Net products work identically from the user perspective, whether installed locally or on the cloud. Your data is secure and encrypted, backed up in multiple locations, and accessible to designated employees. We automate document management so that you can focus on your bottom line.

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Why Choose Us

Our Mission

To be a trusted and integral part of our customers’ success by satisfying their needs for the highest value knowledge-based business solutions.

Customer And Quality First

The Digital File Manager helps customers rapidly capture, organize, manage, and share information to improve internal communication and operational efficiency.

For over 15 years, Enlighten.Net has been a trusted partner to distributors and manufacturers across the US and Canada. Used daily by thousands of users, storing and searching millions of documents, our solutions lead customers to give us extremely high marks for satisfaction. We guarantee it.

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Learn how easy it is to implement online document management in your company. You’ll learn best practices and ways to improve efficiency.

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