Document Management

Storing and moving paperwork drains productivity and profit.  ENet Docs is a browser-based document management system that allows you to store, organize, and share your files securely. With ENet Docs, you can access your documents from any device or location, collaborate with your team in real-time, and manage your workflows with ease.  

Connect your ERP: With no additional programming required, you can connect different software systems on your network. The Search Integrator connects your business software or other network software to ENet Docs and provides immediate access to related documents to support your business processes. ENet Docs integrates with all business systems and software adding value to your existing software investments.

Workflow: With automatic routing, signatures and management oversight streamline processes and can be implemented in any area of the company, whether it is an AP process, an expense approval process, or a purchasing process. If you need to watch or collaborate on a specific document, you can set up customized email notifications.

Collaborate: On important files, manage user permissions and instantly find what you need. ENet Docs has secure storage and sharing capabilities. The ability to restrict and grant access to certain files protects valuable information, while allowing the right professionals access to the right documents from anywhere on any device.


Return on Investment (ROI): 
After implementing ENet Docs, businesses can achieve a significant return on investment in several ways: 
-Automating with our software reduces the need for paper, printing, storage, and courier services, which can save up to 40% of document-related expenses.
-It increases productivity and efficiency by enabling faster document retrieval, search, and distribution, which typically saves up to 30% of employee time.
-Enhances security and compliance by providing encryption, an audit trail, version control, and retention policies, which can reduce the risk of data breaches, fines, and lawsuits. 

See web based ENet Docs and the tools that will help make the most of your business's critical resources: Time and Money.

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