Behler-Young is a family owned distribution company of HVAC equipment, supplies, accessories, and more with 17 branches all over Michigan and 1 in Toledo, Ohio. Behler-Young promises superior customer service and a high-quality workforce while maintaining competitive prices. Product specialists are available to answer questions and training sessions are offered with an online schedule making it easy for customers to learn how to take care of their Behler-Young product.


18 communicating branches along with a separate distribution center requires manageable document storage that’s accessible by all. Behler-Young was looking for file organization and quick retrieval that puts “information at people’s fingertips” (Brian Toronyi, Information Technology Manager, Behler-Young Company) when they found Enlighten.Net’s Digital File Manager. Three things attracted Behler-Young to Net.DFM: the affordable cost, the intuitive layout, and the ease of adding and retrieving documents.


After “seamless” implementation of Net.DFM, Behler-Young saw faster response times on inquiries, improved document sharing through in-software emailing, and improved document security. With documents so readily available, customers were serviced faster and internal communication was improved and costs on postage and handling were greatly reduced due to electronic invoicing. Employees from accounting and purchasing who use Net.DFM the most routinely at Behler-Young consider it a big “efficiency boost” to the organization of the company. They were happy to find that the software was live in less than 2 weeks and they recognized improvements immediately.


Net.DFM was able to organize files for Behler-Young to bring the company document information more rapidly than ever before. The company needed files to be readily accessible and found that “Digital File Manager has been a great mechanism to do this.” (David DeJonge)