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Behler-Young is an exceptional family-owned distribution company that has been specializing in providing top-of-the-line HVAC equipment, supplies, accessories, and much more for several decades. With an extensive network of 17 branches located all over Michigan and 1 in Toledo, Ohio, Behler-Young is perfectly situated to extend its unparalleled services far and wide. Indeed, owing to its years of expertise, the company takes pride in maintaining superior customer service thanks to its highly-qualified workforce, while still keeping its prices competitive. To make sure that all customers receive the best value possible for their investments, Behler-Young provides product specialists who are readily available to offer remarkable assistance and guidance. Moreover, with training sessions that are accessible online and regularly updated schedules, customers can quickly learn how to maintain and maximize the performance of their Behler-Young products.

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Behler-Young is a company that manages 18 communication branches and a separate distribution center, making it essential to have a manageable document storage system that is easily accessible by all employees. They were experiencing difficulty with file organization and quick retrieval of documents, which meant that they needed an innovative solution that could put information at their fingertips. This is when they discovered Enlighten.Net’s Digital File Manager, which proved to be the perfect solution that met all their document management needs. It piqued their interest in three key ways. Firstly, the affordable cost meant that their budgetary needs were met. Secondly, the intuitive layout made it easy for all employees to use and access. Finally, the ease of adding and retrieving documents made the process seamless. Thanks to ENet Docs, Behler-Young now has a document management system that ensures information is handled efficiently, which is crucial for their continued success.


Behler-Young had a truly “seamless” experience implementing ENet Docs. As a result, there were numerous benefits that the company enjoyed due to this implementation. One of these benefits was the faster response times on customer inquiries. This was achieved using the in-software email system to share documents more efficiently. Additionally, there was a noticeable improvement in document security, which eased concerns about privacy and confidentiality. The ready availability of all documents meant faster customer service and internal communication across the organization. Furthermore, electronic invoicing greatly reduced postage and handling costs, saving time and money. Finally, employees from accounting and purchasing who used ENet Docs routinely found it to be a tremendous efficiency boost to the organization. They were thrilled to discover that the software was live in less than two weeks and recognize the benefits it provided almost immediately.


ENet Docs played a pivotal role in streamlining file organization and management for Behler-Young, resulting in a significant improvement in document accessibility and efficiency. The company was faced with the challenge of managing a large volume of files, and ENet Docs provided the perfect solution by skillfully organizing and categorizing these files in an intuitive manner, allowing Behler-Young to locate important documents at a much faster pace.

The exceptional quality of service provided by ENet Docs is demonstrated by David DeJonge, who highlighted the platform’s integral role in accomplishing this feat and noted, “ENet Docs has been a great mechanism to achieve this goal.” ENet Docs is undoubtedly a valuable resource for companies looking to take control of their document management processes and streamline their operations.

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