Order Management

Entering and managing customer orders is the key to sales and profit at any service and supply organization, but there are repetitive, low-value tasks associated with it. When automating this area of your business you can take advantage of one secure, cloud-based platform that uses AI and RPA technology to eliminate those manual tasks.  Sales personnel can electronically process and track any order with 100% accuracy, visibility and efficiency. 

Process Orders Faster: With the process automated from receipt of order to auto-creation in your ERP system there is no data entry, allowing employees to work on service elements, not repetitive tasks. Orders can be received by Fax, Email, Scan, EDI, e-Commerce Website, Customer portal, or Mobile ordering. The system expertly creates, processes, and tracks all orders on one single interface regardless of the reception channel.

AI-Driven Data Extraction and Order Routing: Different layers of AI technology accurately recognize order data on both text and image-based documents. Extracted key information can be utilized to automatically route orders to the correct CSR or Customer Service team and process urgent orders through prioritization management.


Reduce Errors with Data Verification: Duplicate order check to avoid entering the same order in your ERP system twice. Automated check of extracted part numbers against ERP material references and automated detection of unusual product quantities based on historical data analysis are just a few of the features that allow your team to quickly process error free orders.

Improve Customer Experience:  Our software allows your customers to easily place and track orders with web and mobile ordering and gives field sales teams the ability while on the go to do the same.  CSRs can communicate directly with the customer on an order for clarity before fulfilling via tracked conversation that is safely stored with order in ENet Docs after order entry into ERP.

Increase Visibility: Get 360-degree visibility into the order process with customizable dashboards providing both data analytics and KPIs. Managers have enhanced visibility into the process, making it easy to identify areas of need, allocate resources, measure performance and reward top performers. For many customers, CSRs are the face of the company. They are your brand ambassadors and the engines of your profitability, so it’s important to supply them with the tools that allow them to work more efficiently.


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