Binkelman Corp is a total solutions parts distributor headquartered in Toledo, Ohio that services primarily the glass, automotive, agricultural, steel, mining, and energy industries. Not only do they deal with… parts procurement and customization, they fabricate parts, service and maintain implemented parts, and offer training to help you keep up with modern innovation. Binkelman prides itself in providing quality parts and exceptional services at the right price.


With so many operations and countless customers to service, Binkelman Corp creates mountains of documents that need secure and accessible storage. Before incorporating Enlighten.Net’s Digital File Manager (Net.DFM), Binkelman Corp lost too many invoices and spent valuable time searching for poorly stored files. Net.DFM’s large Cloud storage capabilities and easy-to-use interface impressed Binkelman and promised to make big improvements to efficiency and organization.


Since implementing Net.DFM, Binkelman Corp has experienced more efficient document handling, faster processing of invoices and audits, improved document retention, and far fewer instances of misfiled or lost documents. \”I always talk about your software to other people,\” says Purchasing Inventory Control Manager, Mike Juliano. Internal communication also improved with Net.DFM as employees can \”easily pass documents into different views and set alerts when documents are moved.\” Improved sorting and filing changed a 4 person job to a 2 person job allowing for more productive use of employee time. Binkelman was also able to save money by eliminating 6 cases of paper per month. Being a Cloud user, Juliano accounts for safe and secure document storage saying \”If the system crashes, the data is still there.\”


Net.DFM’s secure storage and easy-to-use layout has organized business for Binkelman Corporation so that they can focus their time on helping customers. Mike Juliano shared his initial thought that this was a big investment, but he admitted that the benefits definitely outweighed the costs and “within about a week, the general consensus was ‘how did we ever do this before?’”