How Best Plumbing Specialists Took Control of Document Storage

Help! Too Much Paper

Best Plumbing Specialties Inc., a repair parts distribution company based in Myersville, Maryland, has supplied commercial facilities nationwide since 1962. Valves, faucet parts, shower schematics, and flushometers are just some of the many parts they provide to their customers. Like most distributors, Best Plumbing deals with lots of paperwork and was facing a major document storage issue. With the increasing volume of vendor packing lists, supplier PO’s, pictures of parts, and invoices, they felt overwhelmed with their paper-based document management system. They were in desperate need of a tool that could help them organize their documents efficiently. 

Reaching for help

Their search finally came to an end when they attended a Prophet 21 conference and got introduced to the incredible digital document management solution, ENet Docs by Enlighten.Net. The tool had everything they were looking for – affordability, advanced features, and excellent performance. Pete Chadwick, IT Manager at Best Plumbing Specialties Inc., said, “ENet Docs was the perfect solution for us. It not only met our budget requirements but also provided us with the ability to manage our documents seamlessly.” One of the most significant benefits of Enlighten.Net’s ENet Docs was the flexibility it provided to limit access to certain folders and documents, which helped Best Plumbing ensure the security of their records.


Best Plumbing’s decision to implement selective accessibility and multi-page scanning has had a significant positive impact on their daily operations. Not only has it improved their overall efficiency, but it has also greatly enhanced their security measures. By reducing their reliance on paper-based documents, they’ve been able to save on printing and ink costs, which has allowed them to better allocate their resources towards meeting their customers’ needs.

In addition to these cost-saving benefits, the switch to multi-page scanning has eliminated the need for employees to spend hours searching through file cabinets for important documents. This has not only saved them valuable time, but it has also resulted in a more streamlined workflow, which has helped them better serve their customers.

Moreover, ENet Docs has become an indispensable tool for Best Plumbing, as it has made it easier for their employees to access and share documents, which has greatly facilitated problem-solving and emergency fixes on-site. Overall, Best Plumbing’s investment in these innovative features has proven to be a worthwhile and productive investment, and they are now enjoying the many benefits it has brought to their business.


We asked Chadwick what he would say to someone who’s still considering ENet Docs: “Why are you using file cabinets again?? Whether you are in the network or out of the office you can still access your files.” He also reports that even the transition to cloud storage was seamless and easy.” If you go paperless with ENet Docs, we guarantee you’ll see success like Best Plumbing.

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