With 7 years of experience and over 25 Million pages of documents, here’s some of the top reasons you should move your Net.DFM installation to the Cloud.  

Disaster Readiness

These days disasters come in many flavors:  floods, fires, and ransomware to name a few.  Preparing your business to survive the next disaster is costly and time consuming.  Moving your document management system to the Cloud eliminates the risk with very little of your time or cost.  How long would it take for you to set up for your data to be protected in multiple locations?  

Server/Software Maintenance

Net.DFM is a complex software application that relies on several other applications, like Windows, SQL Server and FileConvert (just to name the obvious few).  When you move to the Cloud, you no longer need to worry about multiple updates for each product or backing it all up. In today’s technology climate, just updating security patches is time-consuming! We take on that responsibility for you.


Security is one of the hottest IT issues of today. By having your documents on the Cloud, you are ensuring that you’re using the latest and best technology practices.Your valuable documents,using the latest encryption technology, are encrypted as they are put into system and anytime you need to look at a document. As a trusted business partner, we can focus on security issues allowing you to focus on your business.

Work from Anywhere

Visiting a customer or your remote office?  Snowed in? No matter where you are, you can access your documents with an internet connection and a pc, tablet or phone. Your documents are just a browser click away.  Using the Cloud, security and access is quick and easy.  When compared to the process of connecting to your network through a VPN, you’ll save lots to time; not to mention frustration.


Reduce Space in Your Office

You already saved space by reducing the number of filing cabinets (you know you have a few left – what’s in them??).  When you move to the Cloud, you can reduce the amount of space used by the servers too!  Being able to remove network traffic from an in-house server simplifies your infrastructure, ultimately saving you time, hardware maintenance dollars, and ultimately, the replacement price of a new server.


Go Green

When you move to the cloud, you are sharing server resources with other customers.  These shared resources are more energy efficient than private servers or even private data centers.  Doesn\’t the environment deserve a little love?


Convinced Yet?

We aren’t just trying to sell you on our services. When we needed a new support ticketing system, we chose a cloud-based system.  Even though we are a tech company, we recognized that our time and expertise was best spent on our own software and our customers, not maintaining software that should be making our lives easier.  These are enough reasons to convince most overworked Operations and IT managers, but if you are still unsure, contact Customer Service (860-269-8006 or support@ to discuss your specific circumstances.


Oh yeah, if you are convinced, contact us to discuss the implementation process.