For the past few months, we have delivered our AP Automation server to P21 users. While we initially started with P21 users, we are excited to announce that now our AP Automation Server can also be used with Tribute and TrulinX!

If you haven\’t had an opportunity to talk to us about how this can save you time and money, let me give you a brief overview.

  • Invoices are emailed directly to ENet Docs.
  • When the invoice is ready to be processed, your staff moves them to a new folder in ENet Docs.
  • The invoices are automatically transferred to Trapeze.
  • Your staff validates the accuracy of the automation process and creates a file for import into your business system.
  • In ENet Docs, the invoices will be moved to a \”completed\” folder with the validated data from Trapeze added as fields.
  • In your business system, you import the file containing the invoice data!

That may sound like many steps, but only 3 of the above steps require any time from you or your staff!

Before implementing Trapeze, one of our customers spent 8+ hours per day processing incoming invoices. That\’s more than one full time person. That time was cut in half after implementing Trapeze. After implementing the AP Automation Server the time to process invoices was more than cut in half AGAIN. You read that correctly. Our AP Automation Server, in conjunction with Trapeze, reduced the time to process daily invoices from more than 8 hours to less than 2 hours.

While we don\’t think that every customer will see the same 75% improvement, it is obvious that this solution will save you time. Can you really afford not to look into this?

Contact our sales team to learn more!