Accounts Payable is a critical part of any business. Accurately paying approved and validated invoices not only keeps the lights on, literally, but also manages cash flow, strengthens business relationships and can result in deeper discounts and/or larger rebates from your vendors. 

Historically, this was a very paper intensive workflow.  Today, as most companies send invoices via email, AP departments are left saving PDFs to network drives, emailing multiple managers for approval and naming files for future reference.  ENet Docs moves this messy process into the modern age by providing status and approval mechanisms as well as security, searchability and audit trail information.

Companies of any size can realize the benefits of managing this process with ENet Docs. Contact our Customer Service team for help matching your business process with our tools. Document properties, approvals and notifications are just some of the workflow tools built into ENet Docs to facilitate simple processes like these and those that are much more complex.  Managers gain visibility into these processes, clerks can easily keep track of each invoice that is out for approval and invoices will never be lost on someone’s messy desk again.  Are you ready to be more efficient?