Drake Taylor, Austin Distributing

“Enlighten.Net has enabled instant access to all documents across four regional locations. The software has easily paid for itself by eliminating the document chase down and improving our customer service.”

Rick Fischer, Standard Electric Supply Co.

“Our experience with the Enlighten.Net software has been very positive. Users are amazed at how easy it is to scan to folders and retrieve documents in seconds. This will dramatically improve our ability to serve our customers internally and externally. “

Wayne Arnold, Heatwave Supply

“We appreciate all of the assistance from the people at Enlighten Net! We are excited to have our intranet system and the technical assistance is 1st class! “

Scott Staszak, R.G. Brewton

“Enlighten has helped us tremendously in streamlining our report generating process. All reports that used to print to paper are now printing to a paperless system. When you combine this with the fact that it makes it much easier to retrieve these reports and documents, the savings in man hours, […]

Greg Widener, Cross Company

Enlighten.Net support is easily the best support I’ve worked with in a while. Being a support person myself, I regularly have to contact other support companies on behalf of my users and usually it’s painful! Whenever an issue crops up I need ENet’s help with, I don’t worry about it […]

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