2019 is a big year for Enlighten.Net, Inc. – it\’s our 15th anniversary! Each of those 15 years has seen rewards, challenges, laughter and sweat. Here are just a few of the highlights.

Our company was founded on April 1, 2004 by Jan Chapin, Ray Hrdy and Jerome Lavalley. After working together for the previous 10 years, they saw an opportunity to bring their fledgling intranet product (E.Net) to a wider audience. We vowed to base our company on superior quality products and services rather than glitz and glamour.

In early 2006, on a Friday afternoon, we received a call from a friend who was also one of our oldest (and best!) customers. He called to tell us about the new building his company had just moved into. \”The paint isn\’t even dry yet,\” he said. And yet, one of his employees came in to tell him that they no longer had enough room for all the filing cabinets. They needed to purchase more cabinets and expand the building. The next thing he said changed the focus of our business: \”Can\’t you do something with all that paper?\”

We promised to look into it. By Monday morning we had the outline of a solution and within a month we were installing scanners in each of his remote offices to scan that paperwork into our new Document Management Solution: Net.DFM – Digital File Manager. This has been the primary focus of our company since then.

Almost five years later, a less dramatic, but equally important change came. Our IT contact, from that same company, called to say that they\’d outgrown their server (again). After discussing the requirements of the server, and their continued growth, our customer said: \”Why don\’t you just buy it. I\’m not in that business.\” Again, we promised to look into it, and again, we had the outline of a solution within a few days. In May 2011, we migrated all their data to our servers, and the Net.DFM Cloud was off and running. Today our Net.DFM Cloud houses tens of millions of files.

15 years in business is quite an accomplishment, but we aren\’t done yet! This year we will be releasing the next iteration of our flag-ship product. We are not quite ready to tell you the name of that product, but stay tuned.

By the way, any guess who the customer was? I\’ll send a prize to the first email I get with the correct company name.


About Enlighten.Net, Inc.
Enlighten.Net, Inc. is a leading provider of Document Management software for small to medium sized organizations throughout North America.  Our robust solutions manage tens of millions of corporate documents saving time and money.