One of the main functions of ENet Docs is to quickly allow you to retrieve the exact documents you need to do your job.  There are many features in ENet Docs to facilitate this function; searching, thumbnails, and document properties to name a few.

Document properties, often referred to as user fields, can be used to add information that is not contained in the document, such as a voucher number, or can be used to correct OCR errors.  In either case the information stored in the property can be used to retrieve the document.

These properties can also be used to store status information that pertains to the document.  Perhaps your invoices have a property called “Entered Date” that represents the date they were entered into your business system.  Sorting a set of documents on this field, will allow you to quickly see which invoices have not yet been entered. 

Document properties can also be used to quickly identify which document in a list, or results view is needed.  By customizing the search results view, users can see the document properties that are most relevant to them, and can sort on that column. For instance, someone in an accounting role may require a GL code be added as a document property or perhaps the due date for an invoice. That employee now can customize their table view search results to always include the GL code columns and due dates and as well as sort results based on this data.

Workflows that move a document from one folder to another, can also add specific properties during each step.  You can even require that the property be filled out before the document can be moved to the next step in the process.

Most properties are added by users during normal operation, but there are automated methods of populating a document property too!  Property data can be updated by reading a barcode, or by extracting the text from a specific location in the document.

Document properties are an often overlooked tool available to all users of ENet Docs and Net.DFM. Are you already using document properties already? We’d like to hear how.  Reach out to our Customer Services team to learn more.