The end of 2019 is rapidly approaching. Soon after we ring in 2020, we will be releasing our latest update to ENet Docs. Along with numerous minor fixes, we are excited to announce several major enhancements based on your requests and feedback.

  • Improved Folder Selector – We\’ve consolidated the Groups and Folders into one consolidated window. We\’ve also added two new ways to interact with the folders. A \”menu\” view and a \”tree\” view.
  • My Print Jobs – We have redesigned how the Net.DFM Print Client works to better work with Windows 10 and reduce the \”footprint\” on your client computers. Print jobs will now automatically appear in ENet Docs in \”My Print Jobs\”.
  • Annotate PDFs – You can now add comments, highlight and write on the PDFs in ENet Docs. For licensing reasons, this feature may only be available to our hosted customers.

There are many other smaller changes in this update. You can read about them on in the release notes, displayed on our Documentation portal (click \”Documentation\” under the \"\" menu in the upper right of your ENet Docs screen).

Our updates are automatically installed for our hosted customers and will be available for our on-premise customers approximately 1 month later.