Have you ever wished you could instantly access scanned documents from your business system? Or access files in your shared files or intranet while using your CRM software?

How can you integrate all your different software systems when you need to look up something?

Enlighten.Net’s Search Integrator is the answer.

Any Software, Any Text Equals Instant Search Results

Search Integrator lets you search scanned documents or shared files simply by clicking on text within any software displayed on your screen. Incredibly easy to use, it connects your business software or other network software to your Enlighten.Net system (shared files) and Net.Scan, the database for scanned documents and reports.

Practical Examples

  • Your sales staff can immediately pull up scanned shipping papers by clicking on the purchase order number in your business screen
  • Accounting personnel can simultaneously access payable invoices and stock receipts
  • Clicking on a part number immediately displays the supplier’s catalog
  • Access your month-end or year-end reports for any information you’re trying to find
  • Find all related documents for a RGA, returned good.

How It Works

Our “Search Selector” icon allows your employee to click on any text within your business system (or any other software on your network). The Search Selector takes the text your employee clicked on and submits it to the powerful search engine. The search results are instantly displayed of your scanned documents, printer output (reports), or shared electronic files.

Using our document imaging software, Net.Scan, your employee scans in any type of office paperwork. When you scan your documents, a PDF file is automatically created and indexed. The indexing makes every word searchable.

All your scanned documents are stored in folders within the Net.DFM system.

Shared files, such as vendor catalogs, process documentation, drawings, etc, are stored in Enlighten.Net, our document management software with

Search Integrator allows you to integrate to and search different types of source documents:

  • Scanned documents
  • Printer output
  • Shared electronic files
  • Faxes
  • Emails

To save even more time, you can easily create and save your most common searches by user. This allows a customer service rep to save searches into the order folder, while an accounting department employee can access info in payables. Search Integrator instantly connects you to the information you need.


Search Integrator works with all your software. If you add or change software systems in any part of your business, Search Integrator continues to work. And, there’s no retraining for your employees. Search Integrator protects your investment for the future.

In Summary

Using multiple types of software systems in your business provides advantages and disadvantages.

The obvious advantage to your ERP, CRM, and other systems, is they have specific core strengths in helping you process transactions and improve day-to-day efficiencies.

The disadvantage is there is no easy method to access scanned documents, shared files, or printer outputs directly through these systems without additional steps, requiring your employees toggling from one system to another.

Search Integrator solves this problem by integrating with all your business software.