\"documentLately, more and more business owners are taking the steps toward going fully paperless. Any successful business owner knows how important it is to find ways to save money, and so many owners, CEOs, and Presidents are realizing that one major way to eliminate extra costs is by eliminating the use of excess paper.

Even cheap printer paper can cost anywhere from $9 to $65 for 500 sheets. But in this brave new digital age, there are so many new technologies that allow you to completely get rid your office of wasteful paper use. Of course, you shouldn\’t go fully paperless overnight, but let\’s take a look at a few options for starting the paperless revolution

Bills and Receipts
If you have a clientele that requires bills or receipts to be sent to them using paper, envelopes, stamps, and mail, introducing e-billing and e-receipts can really help to cut the costs. By giving customers the option to view and pay their bills online, they can access the information any time they want and won\’t have to wait for the bill to come in through the postal service. If they need a receipt, emailing it to them will allow for them to pull it up whenever they need it in case they need to return anything. Along with saving money, it\’s an excellent way to boost customer satisfaction.

If you\’re still reluctant to make the switch to e-receipts, consider offering your customers a choice. Would they prefer a paperless receipt or a receipt that\’s sent directly into their inbox.

Document Scanning and Digital Storage
Have you heard of document scanning and storage solutions? Well, if you haven\’t, you need to. Document scanning and storage solutions allow for a company or office to keep all of their files online or on hard drives using an electronic file storage system. Since this eliminates the need to keep physical copies of every important document, you can drastically eliminate physical storage needs. Plus, document scanning and storage solutions allow you to keep all of your files and records in one convenient digital location — but that location is accessible wherever you go. That means you can finally say goodbye to missing papers for good.

New Hires
Instead of issuing \”welcome\” first-day paperwork, having your new employees submit their paperwork electronically allows for you to have everything stored electronically with a cloud-based storage system. With the click of a button, your new hire can electronically sign all those files and tax forms that might have taken them a long time to hand sign. At the same time, you will further cut back on wasteful paper use.

As a business owner, it\’s understood that money may be tight at times. By taking these simple steps and going paperless in the workplace, you\’re not only helping to cut costs on unnecessary expenses, but you\’re also helping your business run more efficiently.