\"documentApproximately 95% of corporate information exists on paper instead of online or in a digital storage space. Many companies just don\’t want to change up their tried and tested methods of storage, finding that they still work for their needs. But the truth is that this can be a bad idea.

Physical copies of information can be lost or even stolen, and they\’re not guaranteed to have a backup. If you didn\’t think to write down that information or scan a copy of it at some time, it\’s almost certainly gone. And that\’s where electronic file storage can come into play.

There are a lot of benefits to having a good paperless document management program at your company and to turning to electronic file storage solutions. Not only do they double as a document control solution, allowing you to control who gets access to the document and when, but they also save on space.

Having walls and walls of folders and filing cabinets that hold priceless information about your company can be a real space-consumer. That space could be used for something else, like more desks, computers, and others.

It can also be hard to find the documents you need in this kind of storage environment. You\’d have to dig and search through all the filing cabinets, and that can be a hassle. With a digital file record, you can access that information fast with a simple search in the system.

This makes document scanning and storage solutions one of the most valuable investments that a business can make, saving your workers time to do something other than file search.

Not only that, but most businesses (70%) would fall apart or shut down if they lost a significant amount of their paper-documents in something like a fire. Having them all on a digital server, or even in an online storage like the cloud, would remove this risk entirely.

So for the sake of your business and the people that work for it, invest in a good document control solution. You\’d be investing in a safer, more productive, workplace and the security that comes with having a backup for any loss.