In today\’s digital age, companies should be in the process of making the transition to going paperless. Luckily, a document management system can help store, organize, and track changes in your electronic and paper documents and records. In order to choose the right system that will allow your company to maximize workflow, consider the following factors before choosing a software.

  • Determine your document management needs
    Before beginning to look for document management software, you should first decide what your business needs it for. You should begin by making a list of current issues your company faces. In doing this, you\’ll be able to better decide what features you require in your document control solution.
  • Look for a user-friendly software
    When you\’re just beginning to use document management software, you should ensure it offers you and your staff an interface that can be easily navigated. The file storage system should be simple, yet efficient. Furthermore, after the initial training, your staff members should be able to navigate the software without having to constantly refer to a user manual or re-learn how to do certain tasks.
  • Consider collaboration needs
    Your new system should allow your staff members to collaborate effortlessly. Because of this, the system should allow employees to access files without having to switch back and forth between software or users and they should be able to track revisions and previous documents. The system you choose should be able to keep track of all changes and allow you and your team to reference previous document versions.
  • Make information security a top priority
    Unfortunately, 70% of today\’s businesses would fail in less than three weeks if they underwent a catastrophic loss of paper-based documents and records, according to the Gartner Group. With that in mind, document security should be considered a priority when choosing a document sorting software. In order to protect your company information as well as client records, you should look for a system that utilizes security protocols designed to prevent external hacks. However, it is important to remember to continuously monitor and update security levels ones your document management software is in place.

Choosing the right document sorting software can prove to be difficult. However, if you take the time to fully understand your company\’s needs and what you really need in your new software, you should be off to a great start. Furthermore, it\’s important to choose a reputable vendor with a widely-used product to ensure your document needs and information security will always be a in order.