Hydraulic Controls, Inc. had a problem.  Their purchasing manager, Mike, was having to sort through order acknowledgements and forward them to the appropriate buyer.  That’s normal, but the problem was that Mike was now receiving upwards of 200 acknowledgements per day, and the company was still growing.  They needed a method to efficiently process these acknowledgements and get Mike out of the middle. Luckily for them, the answer was fairly simple and required very few changes.

First, they set up a new folder in the Net.DFM labeled “Order Acknowledgements – New” along with an Acknowledgement Archive folder for each branch.  They also created a Group called “Order Acknowledgements” and put all of those newly created folders in that group. Next, they created a generic email address in Office365 that forwarded to the “Order Acknowledgements – New” folder.  The final step was to update TrulinX to send Purchase Orders out as the new generic email address. 

Now, instead of Mike sorting the acknowledgements, each buyer searches the “Order Acknowledgements – New” folder using their PO Number.  When they find the acknowledgement, they confirm the order in TrulinX and move the document to their own archive folder. Not only is this simple and easy, it also adds visibility into that process by moving these important documents out of email and moving them to a central repository.

There are many ways to handle acknowledgements, but I’m willing to bet that Net.DFM can be utilized to improve the vast majority of those processes.  We’re always here to help!

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