document management online
Reduce the cost of printing, storing and disseminating reports by printing them directly to our Document Management system. Electronic reports can be viewed by more than one person at a time, and can easily be sent to colleagues who are not in the office. Paperless Reporting Net.Reports provides a complete, paperless audit trail. There’s no need for printing out reports or using cumbersome conversion software, just to view information-now, you can get the data you need right off of your computer screen! This translates into significant time and cost savings over some organizations’ more traditional method of distributing report information via printed copies. Net.Reports allows you to print from any type of system (UNIX, Linux, Windows, etc) and store the output in Net.DFM. In Summary Net.Reports enables any business system to print to Net.DFM. Your reports are then managed for security, life-cycle and more. You save time and paper! Implemented Systems The Net.Reports Paperless Storage System has been implemented with the following Business Systems:
  • A+
  • Acclaim
  • Array
  • Disc
  • Eclipse
  • Infor ERP SX.enterprise
  • Minitrac
  • P21
  • Prelude
  • Sentai Trax
  • Tribute
  • TrulinX
If you don’t see your system listed, call us! We have successfully integrated with many versions of Linux, UNIX and all Windows platforms.