ENet Docs ( and Net.DFM) offers multiple ways to put documents into your system: print from a virtual printer, any network or standalone scanner, incoming faxes, and via email.

Many customers use the email function to add incoming payable invoices, customers’ orders and correspondence, and info on manufacturing orders and jobs. To email into the system, you simply address your email to a folder on the system, rather than a person’s name. ENet Docs automatically makes all the text in the document AND the cover email fully searchable!

We’ve heard of a couple of creative uses of cell phones using the email functionality of the system.


Emailing Expense Report Receipts

One customer has their outside sales people take a picture of a receipt using their phone’s camera. In the cover email, the salesperson puts all the relevant info the sales manager needs to approve the expenditure. When the sales manager approves the expense, using the workflow function, it automatically is put into the payables process for payment. It’s a quick and easy process for the salesperson, the sales manager, and the payables department.

Photos of “Scratch and Dent” Inventory

Another customer who distributes HVAC equipment has some “scratch and dent” inventory. The parts work fine, but they might not be as aesthetically pleasing. Typically, they can offer these parts at a discount. They have started taking pictures of the part using the phone\’s camera. It’s then emailed into the Digital File Manager and in the email, they put the part number. Now they can search the “Scratch and Dent” inventory and email the photo to the customer so they can actually see the extent of the damage. It’s made a dramatic reduction to their inventory and reduced returns as the customer knows exactly the part they will be getting.

Photos of Delivery Locations

Another customer, a building supply distributor has to deliver products to construction sites where sometimes there is only a trailer! Their process is to take a picture of the delivery items location and email it with the order number in the email. The photo comes up when searching on the order number.

Hope this has sparked some ideas for your business! Remember, we’re always available to help with automating your processes.  Let us know your creative uses of ENet Docs!

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